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AquaTite Repairs Leaking Honeycombs

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Leaking Honeycomb Repair

Honeycombing occurs when the concrete is poured because the conrete inside the concrete truck, through the shoot, if it hasn't been mixed properly, it can create voids between the concrete mix and the gravel. The concrete honeycomb can go through to the outside, allowing water to leak.

Honeycombing only occurs on the inside and outside of poured concrete foundation walls. It is typically a cosmetic condition and can be left untreated with little to no adverse effects; however, depending on the location of the honeycombing, it could pose a structural problem for the foundation. For instance, if water or moisture were to penetrate the concrete wall through the honeycomb and cause corrosion, and the honeycomb was located in a supportive area of the foundation wall, the leaking honeycomb could compromise the stability of the structure. If your honeycomb is leaking, and it is damaging the structural integrity of the building or house, it should be worked on by a professional concrete crack repair specialist.

What You Need to Know

Basement Waterproofing

Not all basement waterproofing contractors are the same. It's important you go with someone reputable and highly-experienced/trained. Not all jobs are the same, so without proper training and extensive experience, a service provider could ineffectively waterproof your home causing future leaks and possible structural damage.

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