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AquaTite Fixes Cracked Concrete Basement Walls by Polyurethane Injection

We are highly experienced, concrete crack repair by polyurethane injection contractors. You can contact us through our contact form. We will reply with pricing which you can bookmark. To contact us you can click on the button below, or feel free to continue reading to stay informed on polyurethane resin injections.

Concrete Foundation Repair by Polyurethane Resin "AquaTite Grout" Injection

Polyurethane resin is the arguably the second best repair for a leaky concrete basement foundation wall. Polyurethane, when injected, can fill the entire crack of a cracked concrete wall up to 24 inches thick. The difference between an epoxy injection and a polyurethane injection is that the polyurethane injection can be done in a wet crack. Polyurethane doesn’t add structural strength, it just creates an impenetrable barrier that water can’t pass. When injected, polyurethane resin bonds tenaciously to the dry or wet concrete. Polyurethane remains flexible so that when the concrete shrinks or expands due to thermal heating and cooling, it can breathe. Polyurethane is typically the second best method of repair; however, it’s the same price as an epoxy injection. The main difference is that polyurethane can be injected in a leaking or wet crack while epoxy should not.

What You Need to Know

Basement Waterproofing

Not all basement waterproofing contractors are the same. It's important you go with someone reputable and highly-experienced/trained. Not all jobs are the same, so without proper training and extensive experience, a service provider could ineffectively waterproof your home causing future leaks and possible structural damage.

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