Our Basement Waterproofing and Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

What are your options in terms of basement waterproofing and exterior waterproofing services? There are a number of basement waterproofing and waterproofing solutions available to you, through our experienced basement waterproofing contractors. They each come with a difference in pricing, advantages, disadvantages, and reasons to choose one over the other.

The following list consists of our basement waterproofing and exterior waterproofing solutions.

Concrete Crack Repair

  • Basement Foundation Wall Repair by Epoxy Injection (concrete walls only)
  • Basement Foundation Wall Repair by Polyurethane Injection (concrete walls only - AquaTite Flexible Grout)
  • <.li>Cold Joint Leaks Repaired
  • Hydro Electrical Panel Leaks From Inside And Outside Condiuts
  • Honeycomb Leak Repaired

Interior/Exterior Basement Waterproofing

  • Interior Weeping Tile Drain Systems and Sump Pumps
  • Exterior Basement Waterproofing Application and Weeping Tile System
  • Window Well and Drain And Lateral Drain Installation and Repair

Additional Services

  • Exterior Below Grade French Drain and Drywell
  • Weeping Tile Jetting / Cleaning / Flushing
  • Brick, Stone, Block, and Masonry Sealing
  • Excavation Work (Mini Excavator)
  • Beam Pockets and Brick Flashing Leaks
  • Tirods and Snaptie Repairs
  • Septic / Water Service Projection Leaks
  • Inspection and on-site consultation

A few paragraphs about wet and leaky basement solutions

The first one of our wet and leaky basement solutions is an exterior basement waterproofing application. This uses a number of materials including the drain itself to create a basement waterproofing system that effectively drains water from alongside the foundation, down to the footing and away from the home. This is the most expensive and is only suitable in situations where an interior drainage system isn’t feasible.

The next less expensive wet and leaky basement solution is an interior drainage system. This involves breaking up the concrete floor and installing a drain along the footing to a sump pump. This is usually done in homes that don’t have finished basements.

The final, and least expensive wet and leaky basement solution is concrete crack injections. They can only be done in cracked concrete walls. There are two types of injections. Epoxy and polyurethane. Epoxy is the prefered basement waterproofing injection as it adds structural strength; however, it can only be done in dry cracks.

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