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AquaTite Flushes Weeping Tile

We are highly experienced, weeping tile jetting contractors. You can contact us through our contact form. We will reply with pricing which you can bookmark. To contact us you can click on the button below, or feel free to continue reading to stay informed on weeping tile jetting.

Weeping Tile Jetting

Weeping tile jetting can be used to unclog and clean weeping tile along the perimeter of the exterior of the basement wall. Clay, sediment, minerals, and soil can all be removed from the weeping tile, which can cause blockage.

"Weeping tile jetting is an alternative to excavating and replacing the entire weeping tile system."

Excavation is necessary to reach the weeping tile. After excavation has been completed, we insert the high PSI jetting line into the weeping tile. High pressure water jets the debris out of the weeping tile, back towards the technician, as the hose climbs further through and is pulled back.

Going around corners is easy if your home has Big “O” weeping tile. We can feed the line around the corner of your home and reach through the entire perimeter of your home.

What You Need to Know

Basement Waterproofing

Not all basement waterproofing contractors are the same. It's important you go with someone reputable and highly-experienced/trained. Not all jobs are the same, so without proper training and extensive experience, a service provider could ineffectively waterproof your home causing future leaks and possible structural damage.

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